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Every customer is unique and has specific needs. Our Barangay Honorarium Loan is customizable to suit the requirements of each individual. Therefore, the Barangay Honorarium Loan is the safest and easiest option to finance your personal needs. Lenderly now offers tailor-made loans based on the nature, scope, and goal of your requirements.

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Features of Barangay Honorarium loan

Barangay Honorarium Loans from Lenderly are available from ₱50,000 up to ₱200,000. The loan applications get approved within 24 hours based on the contract with the Barangay combined with all personal documents.

Customer Loan Requirement:

What does the loan cover?

Barangay Honorarium Loan Frame Contract Requirements

Barangay Honorarium Loan Frame Contract Requirements

Barangay Honorarium loans allow you to use the money to purchase anything at your discretion.

Eligibility Criteria

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