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Let us introduce ourselves

We are Lenderly Finance Corporation, a local start up focusing on micro loans. Our operations started in February 2020. Our company name is a combination of “lending” and “fairly”, words we live by and uphold in the philosophy of our business. Lenderly provides an unprecedented opportunity for quick loans with none of the extra costs.

Our mission

Lenderly invests in every Filipinos’ goals by delivering and providing a fair and easy-access loan service.

While other loan providers ask you to sign and fill out tons of paperwork, here at Lenderly we provide an access to a fast, convenient and digital method of securing loans. 

Our local coverage

Our operation is in Barangay Mamplasan, Biñan City, Laguna where we focus on local customers that are working or residing in the area of Metro Manila, Cavite & Laguna. Our office is strategically located with easy access during the commute from the industrial park or city centre to the home.

Our coverage via our electronic lending platform

With Lenderly Finance, you no longer have to go to a bank. Everything is digitalized. On this website, you will find our online lending app and platform that allows you to apply for loans electronically.

Ready to apply?

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